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The European Competition Lawyers Forum (ECLF) is a group of the leading practitioners in competition law from law firms across the European Union. It was founded in 1994 at the suggestion of certain officials within the European Commission's DG Competition to provide a forum for senior practitioners and officials from DG Competition to engage in an open dialogue on the topical competition law issues of the day and to discuss areas for reform.

ECLF meetings allow members and senior Commission officials to exchange views and experiences concerning the application of European competition law. The ECLF, also from time to time, forms working parties on particular issues of interest and submits papers to contribute to the debate on topical issues. Membership is open to all partners in law firms who are expert practitioners in European competition law.

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 Following our plenary meeting on 9 December 2019, a summary has been circulated to attendees of the meeting.

For those not attending, these were the topics discussed with the European Commission:

  1. Update from Acting Deputy Director General for Antitrust and Director of Policy and Strategy at the European Commission Kris Dekeyser.
  2. Discussion of the Special Advisors’ Report by the digitalisation working group with a focus on consumer welfare, burden of proof, self-preferencing, merger control, potential competition and exploitative abuses.
  3. Discussion of the Commission’s review of verticals by the vertical working group including a discussion of genuine agent, ban on the uses of market places, dual role of market places, the Guess decision and MFN


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Previous events


 DG Competition, Place Madou, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Brussels


2pm : ​Welcome from ECLF president Philippe Chappatte

• Discussion with Director General Alexander Italianer
• E-commerce Sector Inquiry: (Lead: Thomas Kramler, Commission)
• Coffee/Networking break
• Mergers/ Minority shareholdings: (Lead: Julia Brockhoff, Commission)
• Multi party multi State Commitments: (Lead: Philippe Chappatte, ECLF)

ECLF plenary meeting | 01/04/2014


14.00 welcome: ECLF President Philippe Chappatte

State aid
- notion of state aid
- R&R guidelines
- new procedural arrangements

Discussion lead: Isabel Taylor and ECLF State Aid Working group

16.30 : Merger investigations and use of questionnaires
Discussion lead: Johannes Luebking and Michele Piergiovanni, European Commission

Fondation Universitaire, 11 rue Egmont, Brussels

ECLF plenary meeting | 25/05/2012

Merger Procedures
26 June, 2012